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What is Final Expense?

Final Expense Insurance is essentially an insurance plan that provides financial assistance to the family members who must undergo burying the plan holder. Final Expense policies clearly appoint a funeral direction and explicitly cover all the various details outlining the policy holder’s desired funeral. Due to the large costs of these aspects of a funeral, being covered allows you to save money by making periodic payments for the remainder of the policy holder’s life or an allotted term.

How does Final Expense
Insurance Work?

Final Expense Insurance is similar to other types of insurance where there is a beneficiary whom the policy holder may name. There are two common ways to purchase Burial Insurance, Term Insurance, and Permanent Insurance.

Term Insurance
Term Insurance provides a coverage period with the two most common time allotments being 15 and 20 years.

Permanent Insurance
Permanent Insurance holds value until the beneficiary passes away.

Both types of Final Expense Insurance have low monthly installments which make it an easy choice for individuals with a fixed retirement income. Another major benefit of applying for funeral insurance is you become exempt from being asked medical questions which would normally affect your rates for Whole Life Insurance.

Without the right plan in place, your family can be left covering these expenses on their own.

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